Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FoodFace have created a website for their walking tours around Harper Road on Sunday 11th April, check it out!


Band For A Parallel World

Band For A Parallel World run by Andrew Kerr

Embrace the chaos of forming a band in three days. Create costumes, instruments and music and play a gig at no. 24 on Friday night.
Wed 7th- Fri 9th April, 11-6

Some photos from other band-forming days...

A review of our space on Artlicks!

Twenty For Harper Road is opening on Friday!

After a lot of hard work and late nights in preparation, Twenty For Harper Road is ready to open on Friday 2/4!

Our aim is to work as a project space where young artists have the freedom to take over the space (a disused travel agents) and run workshops and events for other young art enthusiasts. We are working with over 20 artists, architects, musicians and performers to deliver 20 amazing projects- we hope that our eclectic schedule holds something for everyone!

The project is extremely exciting for us for many reasons: it is the first time that Tate Modern has set up an offsite project space and it is the first time that Raw Canvas (the young people's collective at TM) has been given an independent platform to program workshops from. We have previously worked lots in the gallery space, the Turbine Hall and the cafe but this has been our chance to find our own space, design and build it, and fill it with things that we think are important.

Not only do we have a full-on schedule of brilliant activities run by a great group of artists, our space also holds a library with contemporary art magazines and books, free tea, coffee and biscuits on tap and a multitude of practical resources (pens, pritt sticks and the like).

So it's a project space which will be used for workshops, film screenings, talks and peer-mentoring sessions, and it's also a gallery, a cafe, a library and a space to access an archive of activity. These are all things we think are important to the idea of a 'gallery youth program' and so we've tried to gather them all together in one place!

So forgive us if there are some hiccups along the way- it's an experiment for us and we're trying our best to make it work!

It is important for us that all of our events are peer-led, to create a democratic space where we can make, talk and think about artwork. And we've tried to be experimental with our programming and not restrict our workshops to a single type of 'artistic practice'- our events concern everything from performance, food, film, music and board games to moustaches! Most importantly, all our events are FREE!

We're open Wed-Sun 11-6 (except Easter Sunday when we're closed) and Friday nights we are open late until 9. Looking forward to seeing you there...



24 Harper Road, Borough, London SE1 6AD

Saturday, 27 March 2010

FoodFace have proposed a day of artist- led walks around Harper Road. The travel agents will be resurrected for a day!
They are looking for proposals for walks so have a read and get in touch...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Come play with us!

Twenty For Harper Road is preparing for its grand opening next Friday, the 2/4! We will be inaugurating the space with ‘Boarded Up’, an evening of playing, making, card-dealing and all things board games. From 6 there will be gaming, music and juice cocktails.

On Saturday 3rd April we have our first workshop, ‘Signs, Symbols & Sewing’ run by artist Alex Head. Join us to explore the visual language of functional signage, corporate logos and national flags through discussions and games of Pictionary. You will get the chance to create your own flag, which will be used as the inspiration for an artist-produced flag to be flown for the duration of the Harper Road Project. To see some of Alex’s work, check out www.alexhead.com.

We will be posting the calendar of events very soon so watch this space!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

20 projects

32 days

24 Harper Road

Throughout April, Twenty For Harper Road will exist as a temporary project space in Southwark for people to assemble and talk, think and make creatively.

Young artists, architects and musicians will each be programming a day of free events, activities and workshops in the space. The resulting eclectic schedule spans everything from instrument- building to moustache- making, Art Walks to the sensational Aroma- Diner.

Join us at number 24, open from 2/4!

Twenty For Harper Road is an idea thought up by Raw Canvas (the young peoples’ collective at Tate Modern). Find an up-to-date program at www.facebook.com/twentyfor.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Busy decorating with leftover paint from Tate.
Van Doesburg red & Twombly white.
Our first visitor
Harper Travel
Shutters Up!